Four-year-old program

Our program at Deepdene Preschool revolves around the individual child's need. We help your child gain confidence and independence and strive to realise each child's full potential.

While at preschool, your child will learn to be part of a group of children, with opportunities to learn and understand routines and to listen and follow instructions from other adults. Social skills will gradually develop with opportunities for sharing and taking turns. Concentration will be enhanced through musical experiences and stories and fine motor skills will be developed through the use of puzzles, clay, books and scissors.

The four-year-old program is relaxed and flexible, allowing young children to develop at their own pace. Children have the opportunity to explore and learn about the world and themselves through a wide range of activities, both indoors and out. The children are encouraged to borrow books from the library. Incursions and excursions are arranged throughout the year providing many wonderful "hands on" experiences relating to current interests in the program.

Parents are seen as a vital resource and are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the preschool.We enc ourage families who have special interests or occupations relating to our themes to “show ‘n’ share” their knowledge with the children. In the past, we have had mothers with babies, fireman, doctors, nurses, dentists and piano teachers participate in this activity.

Timetable of sessions







Green Group

9.00am - 3.00pm


9.00am - 3.00pm

 9.00am - 3.00pm 



Please note: Our 4-year-old program is supported by the Victorian Government per capita funding. Children attending our 4-year-old program will be counted as an eligible child when we submit our data as part of reporting requirements to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Your child can attend only one funded kindergarten program in a single year.  If your child is enrolled to attend another children's service that offers a funded kindergarten program, please draw this to the attention of the other service.